10 tips for securing your PC

  1. Update / patch ALL your software every now and then!
  2. Check / adjust ALL your settings so they are safe, since they ARENT by default!
  3. Use firewall, like ZoneAlarm!
  4. Use good passwords: at least 13marks long, containing both letters and numbers. Remember to chance your password every few months atleast!
  5. Get good anti-virus & Spyware softwares and keep it updated!
  6. Don’t open or execute files that you are not 100% sure are absolutely safe no matter where or how you get them
  7. Wipe your historyfiles (like cookies, internet history and temporary files, etc.), logs and personal files, with specific wiping program (like Eraser) instead of just deleting them.
  8. Use encryption to enhance your privacy! Use encrypted email (like Hushmail or Ziplip) and encrypt sensitive files on your computer (PGP).
  9. Don’t use public computers for anything you need to type in your logins, they usually have Trojan horses that capture your passwords.
  10. Don’t assume anything. If you don’t know, find out! If you cant or don’t understand, ask someone who knows! There’s nothing more dangerous than doing something you don’t really know anything about. That’s the best way to cripple your system or get a Trojan horse on your computer!

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Selasa, 07 Februari, 2017

I'm using AVG security for a few years now, and I would recommend this product to everyone.

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